Elvis Has Left the Building

I have the same phone number as Elvis.

It’s true, same number. I discovered this when the calls began, and they would usually go like this:

“Hello, Elvis?”

“Hi… may I speak with Elvis?”

“Is Elvis there?”

When these calls started coming in I thought I was being pranked and would get annoyed — but finally I asked somebody, “Hey — what number are you calling, anyway?” That’s when it became clear that Elvis and I shared a phone number, but with different area codes. This Elvis — not surprisingly — lives down South.

I should probably tell you that I love my cell phone number. It’s the sort of catchy and memorable combination that busineses crave. It’s really wasted on the likes of me.

So I called Elvis — it was apparently his work number and wanted to give him a heads up — but got his voice mail. I never heard back.

So, now when people call looking for Elvis, I politely tell them that they forgot the area code or dialed wrong. They always appreciate this. And I always close the call by saying, “Thank you very much.”

4 thoughts on “Elvis Has Left the Building

  1. Cute story. Reminds me of a scene from “Bruce Almighty.” Remember when Morgan Freeman gives Jim Carrey his business card with his phone number on it? Plenty of moviegoers actually called that number. The kicker was, the phone number listed on the card was that of a real pastor in Arkansas. So when the callers used to half-jokingly ask, “Is God there?,” the pastor reportedly replied, “No, but this is his house and I’m his representative.”

    1. Jerry gets 10 points for his knowledge of AC/DC lyrics!

      Hey, I just called that number; someone picked up at the New York State Assembly…

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