Enough Already!

It’s always nice to know that your legacy lives on. Almost always.

I was in lots of promos when I worked at Channel 13. You do this when you work in local TV, not because you love seeing yourself on the tube, but because it’s cheaper and easier than using real actors. Usually the spots would run for a couple of days and disappear forever. But not this one.

Two years later it’s still going strong — in fact I think it’s running more now. Do me a favor. Go over and comment on a story — any story. If enough people leave comments maybe you won’t have to see my mug in your face every time you turn on the TV.

8 thoughts on “Enough Already!

  1. I was “asked” to be in a commercial for WNYT a few years back by a mutual friend who was a producer there. (I won’t tell you her name but she is now in Vancouver covering the Olympics) It was a spot about the morning news. I figured it would run for maybe a few months and that would be it. But it was on for about a year, went off the air for about a year, and now it’s been back on for 1-2 years. The only thing I like about it now is that my 2.5 year old recognizes me on the tv and he thinks that’s funny. And since I don’t paid for every time it runs I’m about ready for a new commercial to be developed for Phil and Paul.

  2. #4: Ha! She runs off to Vancouver while we’re left holding the bag…

    If I had a nickel every time the Talkback spot aired, I’d be watching it on a new 40″ LCD widescreen TV.

  3. Ha ha – Rob I never in a million years would have recognized you! Are you sure that’s really you?

    Steve, are you the one eating a bowl of cereal?

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