A Little Bit of Everything

Oh, boy! Wouldn’t it be cool to answer the door on Halloween dressed up like Walter White cooking meth? Yeah, the kids probably won’t get it, but the parents will think Heisenberg handing out candy is a hoot.

So off to Amazon, where they sell everything, to find a HAZMAT suit and respirator. I figure I’ll skip the bald wig — which never looks good unless done by a professional — but instead, go pre-cancer treatment Walt with a moustache. Yes, definitely.

Well, based on Amazon’s data mining, it looks like Halloween will be a big year for Breaking Bad costumes:

BB Suit
Click to enlarge.

This comes hot on the heals of hearing an interview with Brad Stone, whose new book The Everything Store, takes a look at what Amazon has done to become the one stop shop for everything you could ever want.

And it’s worked. I didn’t even consider going to another merchant to buy what I wanted; not even for a second.

There’s been a lot of noise about how bookstores, especially independent shops, are endangered by Amazon. Recent evidence suggests that this isn’t true, and that good retailers are giving shoppers things they can’t get online. Good for them — but to the others, I say too bad.

If I can get a book delivered to my home in two days — a book you probably don’t have in stock — then you’d better find another way to get me in the door.

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