11 thoughts on “Foto Friday

    1. Ah, if only they were armless and legless. It would be easier to keep track of them and nobody would be groping their staff.

    1. Cole, let me remind you that I was once a Times Union blogger. Those were the most wonderful nine months of my life.

  1. C’mon, Rob: don’t you know that when you post a picture you’re supposed to give us a long explanation of why you took it, the camera you used, how you got to the place where you took the picture, where you bought the lens you used to shoot it, what photo contest you’re going to enter it in, etc., etc., etc., etc… or do you simply believe that a picture is worth a thousand words?

    1. Well, I get your point, and I guess I agree. Artistic photos are like jokes; if you have to explain them, maybe they’re just not that good. However, I read a lot of photo blogs that get into lengthy discussions about technique. I usually learn something. But other than that, yes, good pictures shouldn’t require a lot of background, except in the case of photojournalism, where a succinct caption to give context is appropriate.

  2. “The Schumerians were kept in a closet, to be made-up and deployed wherever and whenever a TV camera was turned-on, then promptly recycled into plastic milk crates once the camera crews departed.”

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