Foto Friday


Nuts ~ Reghin, Transylvania

Where do you keep your nuts? In the attic, of course. Everyone I met in Romania would put up food like these walnuts for the winter: apples, potatoes, and jars of canned produce were in everyone’s house. And then there was the homemade hootch, of course.

But the most interesting food item we saw was a bag full of chicken feet. They were sitting on a shelf in the cool cellar and, frankly, they took us by surprise. After touring the basement we went upstairs and dug into a terrific lunch prepared by my wife’s cousin — a lunch that started with a bowl of steaming chicken soup. We don’t commonly do it here, but in much of the world you don’t throw away something that makes a delicious stock. Like chicken feet.

2 thoughts on “Foto Friday

  1. Hey, not trying to blow smoke up your wazoo here, but you really shoot some good pictures. The two in this post are like something you would see in a travel magazine or something. Nice work.

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