Found: NewsChannel 13 Microphone

Now we know why local TV is in so much trouble: they keep losing their equipment.

Matt Baumgartner posted this picture on his Friday Puppy blog of somebody goofing around with a microphone from NewsChannel 13. Turns out Dan Bazile left it behind after doing a story at Wolff’s Biergarten.

Hey, I understand! It’s not like I never lost anything while at a bar. The next day you’re all like, “Hey, what the hell did I do with my wallet/keys/pants?”

Anywho, you know where to find it, just down the block from the broadcast center. Hurry up and nobody will notice it’s missing.

5 thoughts on “Found: NewsChannel 13 Microphone

  1. That’s how they lost Chris Kopsatcie. She even had to change her name so we could spell it.

  2. How do you forget a mic ? I mean I can understand running from one location to another, but you’d think..

    ” So if you can just speak into..the… * OH FOR CHRIST SAKE !”

    Worst i ever did was a brick battery.. and an intern, but that’s about it..

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