Gather Round the Hearth

We’ve been looking at a lot of houses lately and noticed something interesting: people like putting flat screen TV sets over the fireplace.

Not to be judgmental or anything — because I would never do that — but one thing goes through my head when I see this in a house: douchebag bad idea.

There are a couple of practical reasons not to mount the TV over the fireplace. The heat might not great for the TV, and ideally, a TV should be level with your eyes position so you don’t have to look up at it. That could be bad for your neck.

But there are less tangible reasons, too.

It used to be that the space over the fireplace was reserved for something special, like a piece of art or an antique that sits on the mantle. Let’s say you have a mounted moose head that you love. Where’s it going to go? Over the fireplace, of course. It sends a message about what you find important.

When you put the TV over the fireplace, it says that the most important thing in your life is the TV. And it makes your house look like a barroom.

So don’t be a douchebag silly: find somewhere else for the TV. I know the fireplace thing is popular right now, but just because it’s popular doesn’t make it right.

6 thoughts on “Gather Round the Hearth

  1. Have you seen the house of the week in today’s TU? A rather gaudy McMansion with superfluous frippery everywhere and where’s the TV? Yup, right over the fireplace. Douchebag indeed.

    1. Nice place — but yes, it’s way over the top. Seriously, I’m no snob, but the TV thing makes me angry for some reason. Mind you, this is coming from a guy who made his living working in TV for more than 25 years. And my job? It was to persuade people to watch more TV. Just not over the fireplace, I suppose.

  2. Southbound on Schoolhouse Road a couple days ago, at least a 60″ flatscreen in full view through the window. My guess – – it was Sasha Grey on the screen, but I’ve driven by just a little slower lately, and maybe I can be sure by the end of this workweek.

    The house across from McAlpin St. at Delaware Avenue hosts a Family Guy festival every night, and I think Peter and Brian are better actors, anyway.

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