G’day Mate

Here’s former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke pounding a beer at a recent cricket match:

Hawke is something of a legend when it comes to drinking beer, and once held the world record for drinking a yard of ale — in eleven seconds.

This brings us to the Granite State of New Hampshire, where voters must ask themselves this question: do we want a leader who won’t drink even one beer, much less 2.5 pints of beer in eleven seconds?

Yes, that’s a terribly superficial and absurd way to judge Mitt Romney, whose Mormon beliefs forbid him from imbibing — but what about this campaign season has not been terribly superficial and absurd?

I rest my case.

6 thoughts on “G’day Mate

    1. Truth be told, I hope they don’t vote for Santorum or Gingrich, either. Better yet, I hope they all just stay home.

  1. I respect people of faith. Doesn’t matter to me if you worship one god, two gods, five gods, trees, rocks, water, fire, whatever. It’s all good. However, I think it’s a damn shame if a man can’t have a beer.

  2. I’m such a snob that I need to know WHAT they drink, not just if they drink. Glad I’m not a Republican.

    Romney’s not just a teetotaler, but and empty suit.

    Santorum loves his beer, but unfortunately happens to be batshit crazy.

    Huntsman is also a Mormon, but drank during ceremonies in China.

    Gingrich? Asshole.

    As for Ron Paul, I can’t find any information about him liking beer, but lots of people who drink beer like him.

  3. I never hear Australians bitching about their government, so maybe he’s onto something. Or maybe the Australians I know are just whacked-out from their multiple pints of Koolinda IPA. With the accent, you can’t really tell if they’re slurring their speech.

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