Gobble Gobble

There’s a shortcut I take sometimes after dropping my son off at school. It winds through the Shaker site and past Ann Lee Pond. Maybe it’s not so much a short cut as a more interesting route.

One recent morning I spied something odd: a huge dead bird. On closer inspection I found it was a wild turkey — or most of a wild turkey. It was upright and you might have thought it sleeping except its head was gone and something had chewed a hole in its torso. Do turkeys have torsos?

Every day there was a little less turkey — until finally there were just a few random sprays of feather.


Judging by the prints in the snow all sorts of animals joined in this feast, but I’m mostly curious about what took down this huge bird initially. A fox? Coyote?

Barely a bite was wasted. No leftovers.

2 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble

  1. Rob – I used to live across the street from CDPC in Albany and while walking to school, I consistently used to find evidence of Wild Turkey…and Wild Irish Rose…and even Blue Nuns…. 😉

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