Who You Gonna Call?

There is something about October, isn’t there?

Heating season always means we get lots of fire calls involving carbon monoxide detectors going off. Usually they just malfunction — and they usually malfunction in the dead of night.

I was recently on one of these calls at 2:30 in the morning. We checked all around the house with our meters and found it safe. Another bad detector. “Everything’s fine. It’s probably just broken.”

“Or something else,” replied the homeowner. “We have strange things happen in this house. Things we can’t really explain.”

“Like ghosts?”

“Like something.”


So at three in the morning I sat alone in the fire station filling out the report. I don’t know if it’s because I stayed up late watching American Horror Story, or that I’ve had zombies on the brain lately, but the thought of “something” setting off carbon monoxide alarms amplified every sound in and around the building.

And it was then that the brave hero of this story rushed nervously to his car.

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