A Good Walk Spoiled

Today we return to a theme explored in many blog posts that you’ll find here: dog poop. I don’t consider myself an expert, but I’m certainly an enthusiastic amateur.

Albany’s Capital Hills golf course welcomes dog walkers during these winter months when the links are closed. It’s a terrific place for dogs to run, and this year it’s especially nice because El Niño has deprived us of snow.

But as usual, somebody has to ruin the good time.

There are a certain class of people who feel no responsibility to pick up the piles of poop left behind by their pooches on the course. For the purposes of this blog post, let’s refer to them as assholes.

Seriously, it’s everywhere.

So, on Saturday I’d been doing a fine job dodging the hazards, but in a moment of inattention, stepped in a huge mound of fresh crap that some asshole couldn’t be bothered to pick up. No, not the end of the world, but c’mon.

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Capital Hills even has special poop cans located on the golf course.

I’m sure there are no assholes reading my blog, but if there were, I’d tell them this:

Dear dog walking assholes,

Just because nobody’s watching doesn’t mean it’s OK to leave your dog shit wherever you like. Pick it up. Believe it or not, doing the right thing will actually make you feel good, even if it involves something as unpleasant as picking up dog poop.

Thank you. Assholes. 

5 thoughts on “A Good Walk Spoiled

  1. fully agree! I walk there regularly with my dog and always carry many bags ( just incase of a multiple stops )

    1. I should have mentioned how the course provides regularly spaced trash cans for disposing of poop. You don’t even have to carry it around for very long! Thank you for being one of the poop scoopers, and not one of those other people.

  2. I really do consider myself an expert on dog poop. I am conversant on size, consistency, color, segmentation, etc. You name it and I have seen it. I’ve even seen a ‘yetti’ poop for a while. The dog had to be walking while it pooped since it stretched out so long.

    Anyway, I frequent the Bethlehem Dog Park and am known as ONE of several people who can sniff out poop at a distance and clean it up.

    I agree with you. Even in the confined space of the Bethlehem dog park, it is amazing how many people do NOT clean up after their dogs. Since much of the poop that I find is right along the fence line, it is easy to spot, but there are certain times of the day where apparently, NO ONE feels the need to clean up after their dog!

    1. Ah, the dog park — could it be that people are so busy chatting that they don’t watch their dogs? That was always my impression of the place.

      At least the cold weather is here, which makes clean up easier. Except for the fresh ones, but I don’t have to tell you that!

  3. It would appear the Bethlehem-New Scotland Rail Trail is the new Fisher Boulevard for those who choose not to pick up after their pooch. I guess the upside is that Fisher Boulevard smells better, but it’s just a bit irritating to clean dog sh*t off the frame of your mountain bike.

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