Gravity Is Not Your Friend

One of the cool things about firefighting is the interesting stuff you get to do in training. The other night we practiced jumping out of windows. Awesome! This video shows one of my colleagues getting it done nicely.


Naturally, the first time I jumped out the window I dangled there like a human piñata until untangling myself. Somebody quipped, “Dope on a rope.”

It’s good to know that at 48 I can still dive out of windows and slide down a rope like a 20-year-old —just don’t ask me to climb back up.

3 thoughts on “Gravity Is Not Your Friend

  1. I like even better the head first climb down the ladder out the second or third story window training. It is a great way to seperate the wheat from the chafe so to speak.

  2. What’s more amazing is that in 20 years of fighting firews, i have never felt the desire to go head first out a window or to jump out one either. with hose in hand, I pretty much make sure I can go out the way I go in.

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