Happy Halloween

Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward of She & Him craft a perfect little slice of retro 2:30 pop here —so it’s a little surprising when it takes a weird turn. That’s Halloween for you.


6 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. My first reaction was WTF is this all about!
    I don’t get it…and, if you do and I don’t, I don’t belong here.
    My second reaction is that you are feeling underappreciated.
    What’s bothering you, Rob?

  2. Who is this Paul dude? (I like him!)

    I was wondering if I needed an intoxicant or hallucinogenic to understand that clip!

  3. Hey, Rob,
    Looks like the blog’s clock hasn’t been re-set to E.S.T. It’s still November 4th here, 11:49pm, yet the blog’s showing an hour ahead.
    No big deal.
    Better that you should talk to Jeananne and me about what’s up in your head with that clip.

  4. Very cool- I may have to pick up the CD.. yes, I still buy CD’s… Just bought Joy Division’s ‘hits’ collection. I just hope Zooey doesn’t completely abandon her film career for music.. Seems to be a lot of that going around

  5. Must say, Rob, the tune’s infectious. I like it, and play it often.
    I’m sending the link to my music maven son in SF.
    I think he’ll like it, too.

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