Home Fires Burning

Once you’ve seen a few house fires, you really get worried about your own home burning down.

Not sure this qualifies as paranoid, but because of my firefighting, I frequently think about faulty appliances, frayed wires, careless cooking, candles, power surges, various acts of God, spontaneous combustion…

Fires are awful, but especially this time of year. State Farm, the same folks who brought us that AWESOME turkey frying fire video in November are back at it again with their 12 Fire Horrors of the Holidays — a dozen ways to ruin Christmas in a dangerous and spectacular way. A few of them are featured in this video:


Naturally, I cast a wary eye at my Christmas tree, even though the National Christmas Tree Association says it’s safe. In fact, they claim your house is more likely to be burned down by these common, everyday items:

  • newspapers and magazines — 13 times more likely
  • boxes or bags — 10 times more likely
  • curtains or drapes — 9 times more likely

All the same, I keep one of these handy at all times.

2 thoughts on “Home Fires Burning

  1. I’m waiting for the Mayhem-guy to weigh-in on Christmas tree fires. When he does, it’s gonna be good. Perhaps he’ll cook Santa in the Chimney fire commercial.

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