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Hey, look -- I'm on an iPad!I got this up morning and there was an iPad sitting on the table. Woo-hoo! An iPad! Rather than the the usual routine of emptying the dishwasher and making sandwiches, I couldn’t keep my hands off the iPad. Oh, gorgeous and sleek iPad! I love you…

Ours was to be just a brief encounter; turns out my wife borrowed it from work for a client meeting. But, oh it was so… perfect. And then the stupidity of Motorola’s Super Bowl commercial struck me hard.


Yeah, I’m old enough to remember Apple’s 1984 spot. And I get what Motorola is trying to say, that we are all mindless sheep who bleat “Apple.” But there’s a flaw here: Apple products are genuinely good. I don’t want an iPad because it has an Apple logo, I want it because it’s well made.

Instead of just focusing on what the Xoom does well, Motorola couldn’t resit taking a shot at Apple. Sorry Motorola. I just don’t believe that the iPad sucks — or that everyone has one. Or that the people who use them are lemmings.

Don’t agree with me? Then imagine how absurd it would be if Microsoft made the same commercial, except for their Zune music player. Funny, right? You’ve never used a Zune — or for that matter, you’ve probably never even seen one or known anyone who uses one. And you’d never dream of buying one.

I rest my case.

5 thoughts on “iKnow What iWant

  1. Like Microsoft and so many others, they’ve stopped trying to set the tone of the marketplace with innovations and instead are selling themselves on “hey, we’re playing catch-up with Apple, and screw those guys, right? Buy our attempt at copying the product instead of the genuine article, because the genuine article is too good and popular to support.”

    People get paid to come up with this. Unbelievable.

  2. I give Google credit for trying to shake things up. If they ever release a full-bodied OS (yes, the Xoom runs on Android) that can compete with Windows, I’d switch over in a second.

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