I’m Back!

After a little stint over at the Times Union’s blog site, I’ve decided it’s time to do my own thing.

Why? I’m not sure I can keep up with the demands of the TU blog while pursuing my other writing projects. Those people are slave drivers!

Anyway, the plan is to import my posts back to this site and begin with new stuff on Monday, August 23. I hope those of you who enjoy my writing will make the effort to visit my blog here. It’s a little more work, but as always, I’ll try to be sure it’s worth your time. Thanks!

NOTE: Some of the posts I’ve imported are missing a little media, particularly embeded video. I’ll be working over the next few weeks to fix them.

27 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Thanks for the link. I’m sure I will enjoy your blog here as much as I did at the TU site. Glad you’re back!

  2. This would be a good time to mention my new comment policy: I won’t publish rude or insulting remarks. Don’t like it? Too bad.

  3. Eye,

    I thought the whole purpose of the Internet blog comment space was to allow people to anonymously insult others. You mean we actually have to offer something substantive and respectful now? (chuckle)

    I always had believed that the Internet comment area was sort of like the public restroom at a Barnes & Noble or Starbucks. You know the sort of place. You walk in and find toilet paper and paper towels ripped up and scattered all over the floor. Of course, the last five people haven’t flushed the john. (And that’s just the ladies’ room!) You stand in the midst of this modern, 21st century American madness, asking yourself:

    A. Is this what the average bathroom looks like in today’s American home?


    B. Where’s the Lysol?

    I do expect Sarah Palin or maybe Mark Williams to post a Twitter message blasting you for eliminating the First Amendment rights of the anonymous comment types in the Albany-Schenectady-Troy area. Palin or Williams will probably call your site the Ground Zero Blog or claim you’ve initiated Free Speech Death Panels.

    What is the world coming to, Eye, when a blogger requires every Internet comment types to act like an adult with his/her fly mostly zipped up and his/her personal intellectual restroom in some semblance of order?

  4. How is it work to read your blog here instead of at the Times Union?

    Keyboard Krumbs has been in my RSS reader since before you left, and it just picked up this new post. Does this mean I will not be seeing you at the Times Union blogger event?

    1. Daniel B. I will probably not be at the next event. I’d love to attend future gatherings if they’ll have me!

      As you read in the post I’m off the slate and back to relative obscurity.

  5. Hey Rob!
    I’ve always enjoyed your cock-eyed take on things, and I’m glad you’ll continue blogging here. I’ve updated my links!

  6. Hey, glad to track you down! And, dang it, you’re using gravatars so I guess I’ll use my real e-mail just so I can pepper the place with a picture of my Atheist @$$ when I was 10 reading “Illustrated Children’s Bible Stories” to the cat. (I probably shouldn’t have admitted that out loud since the pic will be too small to tell, I’m sure.)

    Er, are cuss words okay? Going back to edit that three letter word beginning with an a TU style just in case.

    About your new comment policy, I’m all for it. Frankly, blogs are people’s internet spaces. They shouldn’t have to put up with anything they wouldn’t in their own living room. I understand that bloggers want to be lenient and welcoming but trolls do not add to the atmosphere and should be as sternly dealt with as someone who crashes a party at your house and proceeds to drunkenly pick fights with all the other party guests.

    1. Donna H: Donna, thanks for stopping in. I like the living room analogy. Let’s think of it this way: this is like a party, and while it’s OK for us to all disagree, it’s not cool to be an asshole. That’s when I throw somebody out!

      As for the cussin’ question, I have no problem with f-bombs and other words, but there’s a chance it could set off blocking software at work. Not sure about that, but I’d suggest everyone refrain from the C-word!

  7. Hey Rob! I’m glad I finally got over here to check out your old/new space. I really enjoyed reading your blog on the TU and look forward to reading over here!
    But…no talking about “Can’t Understand Normal Thinking” c’mon now…

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