I’m Kind of a Big Deal (in Romania)

When your blog post gets picked up by other media outlets, you know you’re doing something right. My piece earlier this week about driving was re-packaged by a website in Romania, Timisoara.ro.

Apparently, they found it amusing that an “American journalist” would write about driving in their country. I find it amusing that they called my blog journalism.

You can read the Google translation of the page here. Google’s translation application is great, but you can expect it to be a tad imperfect — especially when you take something already translated and then translate it again. My favorite part:

However, I set foot in the pool Romanian road manners. That has not agreed to my wife, Ann, who closed his eyes and yells at me every time I tried to overcome one of the historic Gauls that you see everywhere – or a cart, and you see her everywhere.

My concern is that people there won’t get the tone of what I wrote, which I would describe as lightly jokey and self-deprecating. Like this guy. Hell, people here misunderstand what I write every day.

So, if any Romanians stumble across this, please rest assured that I loved your country, but will always remember this advice from a local: “You must have a sense of humor when travelling in Romania.”

Anyway, allow me to now bore you with a few vacation pics:

I’d go back in a second. Romania was a stunningly beautiful country with an amazing history — both ancient and recent — and an exciting place to visit.

As for the people, everyone bent over backwards to make us feel welcome. You go where you like, but if I get the chance I’m heading back to Romania.

10 thoughts on “I’m Kind of a Big Deal (in Romania)

  1. Honey, I think you need to let everyone know that Romania was an incredible destination and a wonderful travel experience…I’m worried that people won;t be encouraged to go there and it is an absolutely beautiful country with unbelievably friendly people! A beautiful place to explore and people should go!

  2. Too funny! I have my name (and my name/llamas) on Google alert and I crack up at some of the places I wind up too.
    Love the goats and chickens (of course)…did you take the photos? They’re glorious!

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