Jackass with a Camera

In the old days shooting pictures was limited by what you put in your camera. The type of film, how much of it you had, what it would cost to process. All that’s out the window with digital. This became painfully obvious when I came back from Ireland with nearly a thousand pictures.

That would be like 27 rolls of film.

I’ve weeded out half the shots, mostly duplicates of the same scene, saving those with the best angles and exposure. I also noticed that donkeys figure prominently in my work.

We saw donkeys all over the place and never got tired of spending time with them and taking their pictures. The donkeys were all sweet and friendly and love having their ears scratched. If I ever go back, I’ll carry a big bag of carrots around for the donkeys.

So, why all the donkeys? We asked a cab driver about that, wondering if people kept them for doing any work. “No! They’re all just pets these days. Mostly they just stand about and do nothing.”

That sounds pretty good. Where do I apply for that gig?

A couple of jackasses.

4 thoughts on “Jackass with a Camera

  1. Some folks I know keep donkeys. They really are lovely animals, always calm and very people-friendly. Just in case,don’t stand behind them, because the few that are not peaceful may kick.

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