Just Don’t Do It

This commercial for The Independent was made in 1998, but feels like it could be brand new. I see it as representing our daily struggle between ignorance and enlightenment. That’s pretty heavy.

According to a story in The Guardian, British newspapers have not been immune to circulation troubles:

Last month the Independent sold an average of 185,815 copies each day, down 13.78% year on year and 0.6% month on month.

The final line of copy in that commercial is the most chilling one of all: “Don’t read.”

One thought on “Just Don’t Do It

  1. People still read news..it’s just on the internet, where any wacko can write “news”….not just a few select wackos like in the paper. I go back and forth on whether it’s good or bad. Right now, since I am blogging, I’m leaning toward good 😉

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