Keep Stalling

Men are blessed with the ability to relieve themselves almost anywhere: behind bushes, in bottles, between cars, seated in football stadiums, in the subway… you get the idea. But here’s a case where you’re trying to do your thing where you should be doing it and you’re in plain sight anyway.

The men’s room at my new office has an electric door opener for those with physical disabilities. Well, it seems that some men on my floor (like the lawyers down the hall) enjoy using the electric opener so they don’t have to touch the handle. Fine —but it just so happens that this leaves the urinal user exposed and in plain site for a very long time, like to the folks getting off the elevator. See for yourself:

That’s ten seconds of exposure.

Look, I understand not wanting to touch the door handle, but come on guys, can I get a little privacy here? If you’re a germaphobe or something just push the door open with your elbow —and when you’re done use a paper towel to pull the handle from the other side. That’s not unreasonable.

4 thoughts on “Keep Stalling

  1. You’re blaming the people who use the button instead of the people who put the urinal within plain sight of the door?

    I mean, yes there is a problem.
    But no, it’s not the button.

    And do I see an interior door that can give you added privacy at the urinal? Or did some of your colleagues abscond with the door?

  2. Good point, Dan, but I was caught off guard at first by the geography of the bathroom. On an unrelated note, it’s troubling that you would try applying logic to what I write.

    As for the stall door, we both know that most men don’t use it when they’re urinating.

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