Kevin Marshall’s Nipples

How’s that for a headline?

Last week, Kevin Marshall, local blogger and raconteur, wrote of how he’s being plagued by nipple chafing. That sounds a little nutty — unless you’re a runner.

Kevin’s gearing up for his first 5K and has been experiencing trouble that many runners have stumbled over: raw, red nipples caused by friction from your shirt. Ouch!

I had this problem years ago, largely because I was wearing cotton t-shirts. When those get wet, you might as well be wearing sandpaper against your tender bits — and it occasionally got so bad that I’d end up with two big bloody stains on the front of my shirt. Watching me run is not pretty to begin with, but add the bloody shirt and it’s a completely revolting spectacle.

I don’t have the problem now because I always wear a Coolmax or Under Armor style shirt as my first layer. Hikers say “cotton kills?” Well, it also kills your nips. I do still sometimes get chafing from my fireman suspenders, but that’s another story. Maybe that’s why we wear red suspenders?

Anyway, I’m here to help.

If you’re having nipple trouble, get yourself a roll of Nexcare Durapore tape. It’s comfortable, will protect you, and will stay on your nipples without peeling off — even in the shower if you want to leave it on for a few days. Just remember to take your little pasties off if you happen to be going to the pool or beach.

7 thoughts on “Kevin Marshall’s Nipples

  1. Eye,

    You ought to see the look on my face right now.

    Question to self: “Was this item written by a tall blond who talks some mornings on FM rock and has a penchant for the trivial?”

    ‘Cause this ain’t the Eye.

    1. Albany: Hey c’mon… it’s right in line with what I was doing before. Herding cats? Collecting urine? Hot pepper mishaps? Same stuff, old venue.

  2. Eye,

    Before or not, it’s still awfully blond and vapid. You go the peroxide route or something?

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