Metaphorically Speaking

It’s been a few years since I was a regular at the Bethlehem Town Pool. Now that I read that they’re having a problem with  people pooping in the water, I can’t say I’ll be back any time soon.

Meanwhile the rhetoric is heating up over Wemple Corners, a sprawling and ill conceived mess of townhomes, multifamily units, senior apartments and retail space planned for Route 9W. A small number of residents have shown up at public meetings to voice their concerns, but this is a runaway train that can’t be stopped.

So when is poop in the pool more than just poop in the pool? When it’s a metaphor.

2 thoughts on “Metaphorically Speaking

  1. I cant see the rationale behind this huge deal.

    Sure the developer makes a dumptruckload of money, and some construction people get a years work ( which is a very good thing), but who benefits long term from that many more service consumers in our town?

    Five years after it’s done, all we have are another 1000 kids in the school district, 2500 more cars on the roads and higher infrastructure costs for all of us..

    When did a single family home become a bad thing?

    1. I’m sure it will look nice, though — just look what a great job they did at Kendall Square. The way the development blends in seamlessly to the neighborhood, the graceful lines of the structures, the elegantly landscaped area at the corner of Feura Bush and Elsmere…

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