Mulchapalooza Redux

Last load of mulchSorry to neglect Keyboard Krumbs, but work’s been a beast. And I really needed to deal with that mulch situation.

Look, I never guaranteed that the mulch would be gone on Memorial Day, I just said that I’d start working on it. Good thing, because had I made a guarantee, it would have ended up filed in the same place as Rick Dutrow’s guarantee, but not Joe Namath’s guarantee. So what did I do on Father’s Day? I got out there and finally eliminated what was left of the %$!&# mulch pile that had been mocking me for three weeks. I hope no one notices how thick it is in certain spots, or how well mulched the areas way under the bushes are, or how some of it may have inadvertently fallen over my neighbor’s fence. Ooops.

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