Now With 100% More Dog

Our household has been blessed with a new arrival: eleven month old Australian Shepherd Matty. As I write this, she is licking a pizza stone which I unwisely left on an eye-level shelf. Please try to forget this just in case I ever serve you homemade pizza. 

Matty came to us as part of some sort of “deal” Ann made with the breeder. We didn’t have to pay for her, but at some point she’ll be mated, and will go to the kennel to birth and wean her puppies. The breeder gets the puppies. We in turn pay for the food, vet bills, dog treats, carpet cleaning, etc. I’m not sure what happens to this “deal” in case she accidentally gets knocked up by some neighborhood mongrel, instead of a carefully selected Australian Shepherd stud. 

That brings us to the algebra of dog ownership. Two dogs means twice the food but it seems to yield four times as much dog poop. And walking two dogs? It’s ten times more complicated than walking one, turning a pleasurably mindless activity into a challenging ordeal. No, having a second dog isn’t easy, but as I get older I’m beginning to think that they key to living longer is doing new things. Hell, If I thought it would add five years to my life, I’d probably get another.

8 thoughts on “Now With 100% More Dog

  1. I don’t mean to put a damper on things, but there are thousands of dogs out there just as friendly and loving as Matty who are currently in shelters and in need of a home. By breeding dogs and adding bred dogs to your family you’re forcing more dogs to be euthanized because no one has brought them home.

    I’m not suggesting for one second that Matty isn’t a great companion, just that next time you get a dog, please look around at your local rescue group or shelter. (I’m no PETA supporter, just the owner of two fantastic rescued dogs.)

  2. Thanks for writing. I understand your point, but I don’t think I agree. It’s irresponsible owners that fill up shelters with unwanted dogs —not people who own bred dogs.

  3. You know, some breeders will not breed their dogs after they have been “violated” by a mongrel. It comes from a really old notion that the bitch is ruined for all eternity if nailed by a stray dog.

  4. I wouldn’t either Rob.


    And I agree about the shelter issue, you have a right to own/breed your dog until legislation is passed that says you can not do so. (which will most likely never happen) People need to step off about the shelter thing because it’s your decision to make. Shelter dogs come with their own problems, I just adopted a pup who has been sicker than, well a dog (harhar) since I got her.
    Congrats on the second addition to the family btw I suppose I forgot to say that in my last post because I was too preoccupied being a know-it-all.

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