Olympic Free Zone

When you don’t watch much TV to begin with, being without one for a week is no big deal —except during the Olympics. Like a lot of people, when it comes to the Olympics, I’ll pretty much watch anything that NBC puts in front of me. Women’s doubles badminton semifinals? Bring ’em on. Individual 70m archery preliminaries? I’m there. But this week on vacation I’ve seen nothing.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping up with the action in the newspaper. I must say, the US Gold in the men’s swimming 4×100 relay sounded so exciting in the New York Times that I jumped right out of my beach chair and cheered.

I know what you’re saying: Excuse me, Rob, but if you have the internet why don’t you just watch online? I’ll tell you why, smarty pants, because the WiFi connection I’m borrowing from the neighbor is awful. Really, it’s sketchy to the point of being primitive. Jeez! What’s wrong with those people?

I think back in the office next week I’ll need some serious closed door time to catch up on my email and return phone calls. Especially on Monday morning, when the US men take on Japan in volleyball and the table tennis gold medal match is on USA Network…

11 thoughts on “Olympic Free Zone

  1. Rumor has it that the front bedroom of the front house is the best spot from which to “borrow” wi-fi signals.

  2. while you’re watching Olympic coverage you might want to compose a response to the can of whup-ass that Vandenberg unleashed on you the other morning.

  3. As long as we’re talking Olympics…

    One of those (unlimited) athlete profiles pointed out that Michael Phelps was given Ritalin as child to control his ‘boundless energy’.. the PC term for “hyper active kid with a pepper in his ass.”

    His mother hoped swimming would focus him..

    So the moral of the story is drug your kid and send him to the pool ?

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