Poop Deck

Laura Northrup, who writes for the world’s most excellent consumer affairs blog, The Consumerist, just knew I’d be interested in this post from yesterday: Man Sues Petsmart For $1 Million After Stepping In Dog Poop.

If you’ve ever been to PetSmart, you know that pooches are welcome. But just like out in the real world, customers at the pet super store may be less than attentive about picking up after their canine companions. She writes:

The Virginian-Pilot reports that a man is suing PetSmart in federal court after slipping and falling on a pile of feces in a Norfolk, Va. store. He alleges that the fall exacerbated his existing back injury and knocked out four of his false teeth.

Wow! Good thing he didn’t knock any of his real teeth.

Lawsuits being what they are, there’s probably something in there about the store causing the plaintiff, Robert Holloway, embarrassment and humiliation. If he wasn’t embarrassed and humiliated then, he is now.

The suit states that the store, “negligently allowed animals to enter the premises and deposit feces in such a manner as to create a dangerous and hazardous condition.”

See! I keep telling you that stuff is dangerous and hazardous.

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