Pretty Good Friday

My fire department pager went off and the dispatcher transmitted that it was an alarm at Hannaford. As I was running out the door, Ann shouts to me, “Could you get me some of that granola I like while you’re there?”

According to the CDC, more than 86,500 Americans visit emergency rooms every year due to falls caused by pets and pet related objects. Dogs are overwhelmingly the culprits, accounting for an average of 71,452 injuries —30% of those are caused by tripping or falling over the dog(s). On average, 27 of the incidents annually involve both a cat and a dog. Watch your step.

A Nebraska woman was killed last week when a Taco Bell sign fell 75 feet and crushed the pickup truck she was sitting in. According to police, the woman and her husband were parked waiting for a Wyoming couple who were to purchase two of their dogs. From the North Platte Bulletin:

Officials said the couples agreed to meet in North Platte about 1 p.m., “right underneath the big Taco Bell sign.”

2 thoughts on “Pretty Good Friday

  1. Love the shopping list entry. My wife is always shouting things at me as I run out the door or get dressed to go to a call.
    She once – about 4 years ago – even did the shopping list thing – when we went to a fire at price chopper down here. She asked me to pickup Ice Cream for a 4th of July gathering at our house. Alas, she was disappointed. The fire was in the freezer section of the store and all of the prodcuts had to be thrown out!

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