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Membership Has Its Privileges
The Times Union has taken to calling readers “members.” Does this give us access to the gym at the TU headquarters?

Good Lord
Among the rules for mass at my church this weekend: Masks all the time, no singing, four seats between individuals or family groups, no touching hands, limited seating capacity, attendance by reservation only, do not enter without an “ambassador” to seat you, do not leave until instructed to do so by the ambassador, stand at your seat to receive communion, no communion on the tongue, no books or paper, no mingling in common areas or the parking lot, bring hand sanitizer. Peace be with you.

Oh, Canada
Usually at this time, we’re getting ready for a week in Canada, to a quiet island where Lake Ontario spills into the St Lawrence River. Not this year. The border remains closed until July 21, at the earliest. Got to keep out the filthy Americans.

5 thoughts on “Random Notes

  1. We are still planning on going to Topsail NC second week of August. I am going even if I have to wear a full Hazmat suit and bathe in Purell. The beach calls and I just answer.
    My church will have similar restrictions. But at least we will be together. But no reservations required in our case.

  2. We’re still getting to the beach, doing dawn-patrol drives to Westerly and Misquamicut in Rhode Island this year, driving back in the evening. I miss staying at my favorite Marriott in Providence, but the restaurant, pool and poolside bar are closed, so 1/2 the reason to stay overnight are gone. Del’s Frozen Lemonade is still available at the beach though, so some sort of normalcy (brain freeze) is still there.

    1. I’ve got a week planned on Fire Island in September. Hopefully we’re out of the weeds by then.

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