Screwed (In)

Like a lot of people, I’ve been gradually replacing the light bulbs in my home with CFL bulbs. When one of the old incandescent bulbs goes kaput, one of the new models takes its place.

I’m not going to go out and buy a Prius or anything — but this is a simple thing everyone can do that will reduce energy consumption.

When I first bought CFLs I recall being impressed that they are touted to last five years. “Wow! Five years? That’s amazing!” But being skeptical, I decided to test this product claim, and started writing down — on the base of each bulb — when it was installed.

The bulb in this picture was screwed in during March 2010, and I’m no mathematician, but that ain’t no five years. So what’s an outraged consumer to do? Take it to the internet.

It turns out that GE has an easy way to report problems with its lighting products; next we’ll see if they replace my so called “five year bulb” or issue a refund. Perhaps I can put the money toward a Trivection Oven

4 thoughts on “Screwed (In)

  1. I’ve replaced several in my house that definitely didn’t last five years. I wonder if these “early generation” models were less reliable? The CFLs are getting much better in terms of the quality of light they emit. In the beginning, they cast a harsh fluorescent glow; now they seem to have a more natural light.

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