Segue Fever: Obsession

Gordon Lightfoot’s Sundown is a disturbing song. Maybe you’ve never listened closely to the hit song from 1974 — but when you really pay attention it’s all wrapped up in jealousy, drunkeness, and obsession — to the point of being menacing. It came on the radio recently and I pointed this out to my wife. “Oh, thanks! I’ll never be able to listen to that song the same again!”

There’s much speculation about Sundown, but my favorite story is that it was inspired by Lightfoot’s affair with Cathy Smith, who was later involved in — and did time for — the death of John Belushi.

Nothing follows up a shot of obsession like a chaser of stalking. Sundown lives to be played with Death Cab for Cutie’s I Will Possess Your Heart.

Bonus: Nana Mouskouri’s French version of Sundown. If I ever make a movie, this will play in the background during one scene…

5 thoughts on “Segue Fever: Obsession

  1. This is great, Rob…but for an 80’s stalker-type song I gotta go with Raydio’s “You Can’t Change That”…..a song even Jodie Foster would appreciate…! 😉

  2. You inspired me to do one of my every-decade-or-so spins through “Gord’s Gold” . . . and, as I usually do when I listen to it, I think: Man, what a songwriter, and what a voice . . . why don’t I listen to this more often?

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