Segue Fever

Back in ancient days as a college radio DJ, there was nothing I loved more than finding two songs that were born to be played together. Either they sounded similar, were thematically linked, or shared some arcane thing that bonded them.

I’m sure that among my six listeners, someone got the point.

When I heard Man Man’s song Top Drawer yesterday it hit me: this is the twisted cousin of Paul McCartney’s Monkberry Moon Delight!

Both are insane rollicking carnivals of weirdness. McCartney’s mad howling on Monkberry is amazing — and I have to say, when I was a kid, this song actually scared me a little. It’s hard to say if Top Drawer’s song is an homage, but it sure sounds that way.



5 thoughts on “Segue Fever

  1. Ahh…to discover (and hear) the perfect transition between songs! Great idea to showcase two songs that seem to be segue soulmates. Makes me want to dig around into my favorites. Thanks for sharing.

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