Where the Sheep Run Scared

You don’t have to go far in Ireland to find something old and interesting.

Rahinnane Castle, up the hill from Ventry Harbor on the Dingle Peninsula, is exactly the sort of thing you expect to see when touring around. To reach the ruins of the 15th century castle, you stop in at a nearby farm and pay a few Euros to walk across their field.

We were the only ones there that afternoon, except for three Border Collie puppies who followed us through the gate. They played with us for a few minutes — until they spotted the sheep gathered around the base of the castle.

The dogs hadn’t been trained to herd properly yet, but they instictively know what to do and chased the sheep up and down the hill and all around the property.

We were sure we were about to be trampled, but the sheep steered clear. In typical tourist fashion, I stood with my camera instead of fleeing for safety.

4 thoughts on “Where the Sheep Run Scared

  1. That reminds me of feeding the lambs at Catskill Game Farm. Who remembers getting the bottles with milk,? The lambs would come charging over and practically knock you down. It was terrifying when you were little.

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