You, Sir, Are Not a Conservative

I steer clear of writing about politics. Sure, I’ve got opinions, but you know what they say about opinions.

However, there is one thing that I can’t shut up about. For the last several weeks I’ve listened to talk radio hosts blather about New York’s push for same sex marriage. They claim that “conservatives” should be against allowing these couples to marry.

That couldn’t be more wrong. True conservatives are against government interference in out lives, and have disdain for laws that prohibit things like abortion, gun ownership, recreational drug use, and yes, same sex marriage. When did America get political conservatism get muddled up with social conservatism?

But hey, who cares what some idiot on talk radio thinks? It’s just interesting that the same people who want big government out of our lives want big government to decide who can have a family.

4 thoughts on “You, Sir, Are Not a Conservative

  1. I have always found it interesting that no one ever points this out. Keep big government out of our lives, unless it comes to women’s health, allowing someone the right to die with dignity or to marry, and …. weed. (Right on, Barney Frank!)

    You can’t change the minds of the loud-mouthed bullies who never let facts get in their way. When challenged, they usually just become louder, bigger bullies.

  2. Not true. Conservatives are both fiscally and socially conservative — being anti-marriage-equality is a perfect fit with Conservative politics. Libertarians, on the other hand, believe in liberty on both sides — fiscal conservativism (lower taxes, small government, let me be free to spend my money my way) and social liberalism (freedom to marry, smoke weed, etc.).

    1. Sorry, but you’re right and wrong. Right about libertarians, but wrong about real conservatives — who do not embrace social issues. The party has been hijacked by those who would oppress our freedom. William F. Buckley was a real conservative. Rush Limbaugh is not.

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