Snooze You Can Use

My kids say that I like Facebook because I’m old. Ok, whatever, what can I say? I enjoy finding out what people are up to and seeing pictures of their dogs and whatnot. What I don’t like are people who post ridiculous political shit or push their crazy ass ideas about things like vaccinations.

Fortunately, Facebook has a great way to make people go away, but not forever. The feature, commonly called the “Snooze button,” allows you to stop seeing a person, page, or group for 30 days.

It’s like saying, “I like you and I care about you, and I want to be friends, but I’m a little sick of your crap and I need a break.” Even better? They never know they’ve been snoozed, so no feelings, like when you unfollow a friend.

A guy I know pointed out that he’s found himself having to snooze the same people every 30 days. It’s true. I’ve got one person who’s become the Rip Van Winkle of Facebook friends.

Ah, modern living — but you know what we really need? An easy way to snooze people in real life. That would be useful.

5 thoughts on “Snooze You Can Use

  1. I have to agree. I try to avoid people that annoy me although not always possible. Maybe I like face book because I’m old too!

  2. I used this for the first time recently – a family member has 3 girls in scouting with over the top (each in the high 000’s !) goals for cookie selling –

  3. I like facebook and am picky who I invite in.
    I have a woodworking hobby and there is a huge community on F/B that have the same hobby.
    John Gray do the news on Ch.10 and has a great page.
    A lady in Altamont has llama farm and posts lots of pictures

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