Spuds Deluxe

OK, here it is, the Thanksgiving recipe that makes grown men weep, children scream out for seconds, and women regard you a culinary god: Albany Eye’s Sweet Potato Crunch.

When I first posted this recipe online in November 2006, I was shocked to learn that many people actually tried it. Several folks took the time to write to say that even though they still hated me, they loved the sweet potatoes.

Truth be told, recipes like this are a dime or dozen in the south, but it’s a dish that seems rare in these parts. When done right, it’s so creamy, fluffy, and delicious that you could just a well serve it with a big dollop of whipped cream as on the plate with your bird.

Do not make this with canned sweet potatoes. The only thing that should come out of a can on Thanksgiving are those onions you put on top of the green beans. As I noted in 2006: “You’re making dinner for your loved ones, not the inmates down at Coxsackie.”

5 thoughts on “Spuds Deluxe

  1. I’ve made that! Not that exact recipe but I found something very similar in a food magazine a few years ago. I don’t even like nuts in my food but I ate an embarrassingly large amount of this stuff. It’s so stinking good. But yeah, it would work very well as a dessert with whipped cream. It’s sinful. Yum.

  2. Pet Peeve!!! All the great recipes show up 1-2 days before Thanksgiving, when my menu is already set and the grocery shopping a done deal!! Christmas decorations arrive the day after Halloween, but great recipes for Thanksgiving arrive 24 hours before!! Geesh!!!!

  3. #2 Great point —but allow me to suggest that this recipe is just in time for your December holiday of choice: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Saturnalia, Festivus, whatever….

  4. Love, love, love this recipe. This is my third year making it. My Nashville-born Grandmother, where sweet potatoes are a way of life, gives it two enthusiastic thumbs up. That’s a solid gold endorsement in my opinion.

    A former WNYT-er, who is family, was amused when I told him where I got the recipe. He enjoyed it as well. Check my email address and you’ll figure out who he is. 🙂

    Have a happy holiday!

  5. Your Spuds Deluxe was a last minute add to the T-Day Dinner. Awesome. Filling. Sweet. Yummy. All good things. Thanks for this recipe, Rob!

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