Super Bowl Saturday?

Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio made a suggestion this week that makes a lot of sense: move the Super Bowl to Saturday.

Let’s face it. Monday morning after the Super Bowl is a lost cause. Adults have been up late eating and drinking, children have been deprived of the sleep they need, and productivity is all shot to hell.

Besides, everybody’s chatting about the game and the parties they went to –or they’re just talking about the commercials and clogging up the company internet watching their favorites over and over again.

So what do you do to prevent Super Bowl Sunday from becoming Hangover Monday? Move the game to Saturday.

There’s one other option of course: write to your Congressman about having the Monday after Super Bowl declared a national holiday. It could be positioned as an energy conservation effort. Imagine the money businesses would save by shutting down for a day instead of having buildings full of people not doing any work.

We could call it the National Super Bowl Recovery Act of 2010. With my luck it would be the only holiday that I don’t get off.

10 thoughts on “Super Bowl Saturday?

  1. I like the idea of the super bowl recovery act. I don’t know about making it on Saturday though. Football on Sunday is a tradition. Maybe we could encourage tax credits for employers who give their employees Monday off!

  2. I know the NFL is looking at adding an extra game. If they did, the Super Bowl could then be played the Sunday before Presidents Day. Many people have Presidents Day off from work which would solve the Super Bowl hangover.

  3. Good luck with the holiday campaign. Back in 1995, I bought a brand new Saturn and just wanted to drive all over the Finger Lakes with it the next day instead of cover the exciting world of business in central New York. I suggested to my then-Congressman Amo Houghton (one of the last fine old gentlemen of the NY GOP) that Congress enact a law giving everybody who buys a new car the next day off.

    “That’s a great idea, if you buy your car on a Saturday,” he said.

  4. My 10 year old has been complaining about this since the beginning of the season. Would I be a bad mom if I let him stay home the next day?

  5. Lisa: That’s a tough one. If you told me he was missing the day to go to a ball game, I’d say to skip school.

    But staying home because he was up too late? Maybe he’ll learn more by sucking it up and dragging his sorry little butt to school. Plus, that way if you stay home you’ll have a little peace and quiet.

  6. Too bad there’s nobody around here experienced in TV viewership and ratings and finance. Sounds like the kind of obvious improvement that’s doomed because [… two, three, four …] it’s less profitable.


  7. > Saturday less profitable?

    Don’t know. I’m askin’ the Eye.

    Saturday instead of Sunday seems like such a no-brainer that you have to wonder why it hasn’t happened already. With these things, the answer’s usually money.

    On a simplistic level, I can see that playing it on Sunday creates an entertainment day where there wasn’t one, and there are fewer competing attractions vs. Saturday. There could also be a calculation that, as quite a unique event in terms of eyeballs, advertisers value the Superbowl on Sunday higher than on they would on Saturday (water cooler).

    Dunno. What do you think? Seems to me that the network plus the advertisers plus the NFL must prefer Sunday over Saturday for financial reasons, but I’m not smart enough to do the math.


  8. I think Sunday remains the day where you can mine the greatest audience.

    No, Sunday ain’t what it used to be since blue laws have disappeared, but it’s still a down day for for most people.

    Would a Saturday game have a smaller audience? Not appreciably, but on Sunday the game has no competition for the attention of America. Unless you want to count church. Personally, I believe Jesus would be OK with you skipping mass to get ready for the Super Bowl.

  9. I don’t know about the Monday after.

    How about all states adding a holiday to honor their team, like Massachusetts does with Patriots’ Day?(I know, I know. It’s the thought that counts!) NY would have Bills’ Day; NJ would have a Gaint Jet Day. Flordia might have a problem…would it be Maimi CSI Day, or Save the Dolphins Day?

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