Have a Cuppa Tea

All over the world, if you order tea, it means hot tea. Except at f***ing Starbucks, it would seem.

I came back from Ireland on a bit of a tea kick. It’s especially satisfying in the afternoon instead of a cup of coffee– and easier on the stomach. Plus, there’s also something nice in the ritual of it, waiting for the tea to steep and so on. It requires a bit of patience.

Now at Starbucks, unlike in the rest of the universe, if you order tea, they want to know if you want iced tea. Yesterday, I couldn’t take it anymore:

Rob: I’d like a grande black tea, please.

Barista: Iced tea?

Rob: No.

Barista: Hot tea?

Rob: Yes, of course. Hot tea. You know, when someone asks for tea, it means hot tea. Unless they specifically ask for iced tea.

Barista: Well, some people say tea and mean iced tea.

Rob: Well, they’re wrong.

At this point, the barista turned around to fix may hot tea. And probably spit in it, too. So much for that patience thing.

Angry White Man

When WNYT producer Sheila Conolly needed an irate middle-aged man for a news promo, she knew exactly where to find one. I’ve been in lots of spots, but for some reason, everyone and their brother saw this one.

Now -everywhere I go- people are wagging their finger at me, saying “Don’t talk back!” I stopped running it on the air so much after a barista at Starbucks recognized me. Now I keep the shades on when I’m jonesing for a non-fat latte, what with my newfound fame and all. Even after all this time, I forget that the TV is a powerful and potentially dangerous tool.