Don’t Drink the Water

Hoosick Falls was declared as having Rensselaer County’s best tasting water on Thursday. Who knew? I guess this means the village will see an invasion of “city people” driving up housing costs and opening pricey boutiques on Church Street. That’s what happens, you know. People from New York or Boston with a yen for the simple life cast an eye to the sticks. And everybody’s looking for a bargain. Not to mention the next Columbia County. Places like Hoosick Falls are one New York Times story away from ruin or renaissance, depending on your point of view. So stop in and have a glass of water on your way to Manchester. It may not taste so great in couple of years.

Swing Set

Now here you go: the Union Street Bed and Breakfast is up for sale. This place was like Schenectady’s version of Newhart —except with swinger parties. Imagine Peter Scolari and Julia Duffy getting it on with Larry, Daryl, and Daryl. Sorry for that image. The fourteen bedroom home, listed at $269,000, would be great for anyone who’s ever dreamed of running their own inn. No word on whether the sale includes contents, such as supplies and equipment kept stocked for its notorious special events. Broker Randy Passonno told the Business Review, “Based on the fact it grosses over $100,000 in annual rents I don’t think that the history will be a deterrent. It will be an inspiration to some buyers.” Absolutely. I’d be inspired to go through the place with a pressure washer.