Beans Beans Beans

ErinsDad, a regular commenter here at Keyboard Krumbs, said he’d prefer to “Stay upwind of any event requiring $20 of canned beans.”

That’s a good idea — unless it’s Beans Beans Beans on the table. I got this recipe from a relative in Georgia, and believe me, they take beans seriously down South.

Beans Beans Beans is good cold or hot, and you can get creative with the type of beans you throw in. Everybody loves it! Actually, it doesn’t really require $20 worth of beans unless you scale it up to make a big tray for a picnic or party.

One tip: do not use Grandma Brown’s Baked Beans in this recipe. Yes, it’s a good New York State product, but too gloppy for this dish. I usually use Bush’s Vegetarian Baked Beans so the meat haters can enjoy it, too.

I suppose if you are concerned about the potentially unpleasant side effects of Beans Beans Beans, you could ahead and throw some Beano in there — but according to the old rhyme, you risk negating an important benefit of bean eating.