Have a Cuppa Tea

All over the world, if you order tea, it means hot tea. Except at f***ing Starbucks, it would seem.

I came back from Ireland on a bit of a tea kick. It’s especially satisfying in the afternoon instead of a cup of coffee– and easier on the stomach. Plus, there’s also something nice in the ritual of it, waiting for the tea to steep and so on. It requires a bit of patience.

Now at Starbucks, unlike in the rest of the universe, if you order tea, they want to know if you want iced tea. Yesterday, I couldn’t take it anymore:

Rob: I’d like a grande black tea, please.

Barista: Iced tea?

Rob: No.

Barista: Hot tea?

Rob: Yes, of course. Hot tea. You know, when someone asks for tea, it means hot tea. Unless they specifically ask for iced tea.

Barista: Well, some people say tea and mean iced tea.

Rob: Well, they’re wrong.

At this point, the barista turned around to fix may hot tea. And probably spit in it, too. So much for that patience thing.