TV Taser Poll 2010

A couple of years ago TV stations had a great idea: let’s show viewers what it’s like to be Tasered by turning the stun guns on our reporters. Naturally, they did it during ratings to drive up the numbers. Who wouldn’t tune in to see someone being Tasered? I’d watch that over and over.

Now that Tasering is thought to be a little hazardous, local TV news came up with a new idea: let’s show other people being Tased, like this week on Kansas City’s KMBC:


I don’t know about you, but I’d rather see the reporters and anchors Tased than civilians.

Back in 2006 I asked the Capital Region what local TV personality they’d like to see in a Taser demo. The response was overwhelming. so I figured it was time to hear from you again with TV TASER POLL 2010. Just in case I’ve missed your favorite, feel free to write in your choice under the “other” option.


Who would you like to see Tasered?(poll)

Enjoy! We’ll pass along the results to the winner’s employer.