Teen Wolf

Local TV loves breathless reports on trends — especially things that can be made to look scary or dangerous. The stories are often ridiculous. I was going to write about Fox 23’s absurd story about vodka eyeballing, but then a reader suggested something even better: teen werewolves.

Here’s a perfect example from San Antonio, which shows how TV news takes a goofy teenage fashion trend and churns out a story devoid of even a shred of wit or irony. They didn’t even do a good job of exploiting the Twilight angle. Dopes.


This is the money quote, from a school administrator: “They walk down the hallways and meld into the fabric of the school, and don’t seem to be troublesome in the school environment.” Wow! Those teen wolves are crazy!

This is nothing new. Step into the wayback machine and watch this hilarious story about the dreaded punk rockers. At least this one is smart and well done.


12 thoughts on “Teen Wolf

  1. If you thought vodka in the eye was cool you should check out the vodka soaked tampon trend…hilarious!

  2. Darn anarchists….like Nileists,only more organized. Vampires are the new punk rockers….you know those un-dead, always with the chaos.

  3. When I reads the headline, I thought Zack had been struck by the Madeo curse-I remember once looking at some of your vacation photo’s and complimenting your sweater, only to be told: ” We’re at the beach.. and that’s not a sweater.”


  4. I really enjoyed these videos! Hahahaha! Fellow TU intern Charlie said he might not be my friend if I become a werewolf but he said he’s already come to terms with me being a punk 😉

  5. I have to disagree with you on the absurdity of the vodka eyeballing story. It sounds silly, but local news is one source where parents, teachers, and such can learn about these dangerous/ridiculous trends. I see nothing wrong with the Fox 23 Health Minute reporting on it. It’s not the PBS Newshour.

  6. Bob: No, it certainly isn’t the Newshour — but let me point you to a couple of items that suggest the vodka eyeballing scare was just a lot of hype, not an actual problem that any reasonable person should be concerned about. And don’t forget: they didn’t run that story to help you, they ran it to make you watch.



    I disagree that Fox 23 is performing a service. No, instead they are being completely irresponsible by not making any effort to see if eyeballing the vodka is truly a widespread practice.

    You’d be well advised to cast a skeptical eye on crap like this — but if the people we trust to deliver the news don’t, how can the viewers be expected to make the distinction?

  7. Am I the only one that wants to know more about the kid that had a missing dog’s SKULL in his posession? How do you just gloss over that one?

    And I love the mom who praises her son for being different, but only if it’s outside the house.

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