Thank God It’s Friday

This is an actual sign stenciled on the wall in one of the men’s rooms at Ralph Wilson Stadium, home of the Buffalo Bills. I’m not in the habit of taking pictures in public restrooms but who could resist this —and if you saw the “sink” you’d understand how men might mistake the sink for a urinal. Particularly by the end of the third quarter.

Speaking of Buffalo, I went out there to haul back the larger items from my son Alex’s college apartment. Because of our crazy schedules the stuff rode around in my car for a couple of days before we got around to unloading it. Even after leaving the windows open I can’t seem to shake the smell of dirty laundry, cigarette smoke, and Milwaukee’s Best. Ah, college.

Danish TV reporter Lisbeth Koelster had the great idea to show the toxic effects of shampoo by dumping some in a tank full of fish. Her demonstration killed most of them —and now Ms. Koelster has been convicted of animal cruelty. Since it took five years for her case to reach court the judge let her off without a fine or jail time. Me? I still think tasering news anchors is a ratings grabber.

2 thoughts on “Thank God It’s Friday

  1. I remember going to Rich Stadium (former name) as a kid and there would be a large crowd of Genny Cream Ale drinkin’ fans using the sink as a toilet. I’m sure these are quite well-placed signs…

    Aaahhh… Buffalo. I miss her.

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