Thanks For A Bang Up Job

Last year I seriously considered giving each of my employees a basket of fireworks for Christmas. I even went and bought baskets at the dollar store. Roman candles, sparklers, and things that shoot in the air and go boom are a great way to celebrate the holidays, right? Of course —but they’re also illegal in New York, and bringing illegal stuff to the office and handing it out might have been frowned upon. I wrote this off as another crazy idea until I got my recent e-newsletter from Phantom Fireworks, which has a store conveniently located just over the Vermont border in Hinsdale, NH.

In observance of Administrative Professionals Day, they suggested “Products such as FORTRESS OF FIRE, STELLAR PERFORMANCE, DA BOMB, or WICKEDLY AWESOME to show how much you appreciate your administrative assistant.” See how messed up things are in this state? Secretaries in Pennsylvania can have fireworks, but hard working TV producers in New York can’t. I say it’s time for a change, Governor Paterson.

2 thoughts on “Thanks For A Bang Up Job

  1. Sure, the fireworks would have been “wickedly awesome” but if it makes you feel any better I maintain that the maglite is one of the better gifts I’ve ever received.

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