That’s Not a Knife…

I’m probably not smart enough to be the superintendent of schools in Lansingburgh, NY but I am smart enough to know that a knife with a 1-1/2 inch blade is not a weapon.

So what’s up with George Goodwin? According to an article in the Times Union, Mr. Goodwin, superintendent of schools in Lansingburgh,  recently suspended a student for 20 days because the young man had a keychain size pocket knife in his car at school.

The student is Matthew Whalen, a 17-year-old Eagle Scout and National Guard member. The high school senior plans to apply for an appointment to West Point, but now he’s worried that this knife nonsense could be a problem.

Was Goodwin worried that young Whalen would run amok in the school hallways slashing people with his tiny knife? Yes, it’s ridiculous to think that a knife this small is a weapon, but it would be way too easy for us to sit here and call Mr. Goodwin names. Just because it was a stupid decision doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a stupid man. Even the best among us sometimes do things that are hasty and shortsighted.

The only thing for George Goodwin to do now is to fess up and admit he made a mistake.

Why not tell him yourself. Here’s George Goodwin’s email address —and his phone number is 518-233-6850.

11 thoughts on “That’s Not a Knife…

  1. I’m no Ted Nugent, but this seems a bit extreme, and hot on the heels of a 6 year old facing reform school for bringing his Swiss Army knife to school to eat Spagetti-O’s . As a Scout leader, it also forces me to remind all the readers the in case of zombie attack, find a Boy Scout..

  2. Thanks for the email–I wonder, will he suspend all the Biology classes throughout the district for using scalpels?

  3. What’s wrong with Ted Nugent? I’d like to see a one-on-one, Ted with George. First a debate and then George with the confiscated pocket knife and Ted with what he considers a weapon (Ted makes rocks burn)!

  4. I might be the only one who disagrees to a point. I think 20 day suspension is a bit ridiculous, but if you’re not supposed to bring a knife to school…THEN DO NOT BRING A KNIFE TO SCHOOL. Boy Scouts, Eagle Scouts, whatever – get special privileges? No.

  5. I think, besides the loose definition of weapon (actually, is it really loose? I thought that it was actually classified as a non-weapon) here, the “to school” part is also being broadly used. Wasn’t the (poorly endowed) knife locked away in his car along with other miscellaneous equipment, including camping gear and utility instruments for auto repair?

    1. Classifying that knife as a “weapon” is what makes Mr. Goodwin’s actions so absurd. Something you put on your keychain is a tool, not a weapon. It’s Lansingburgh High School —not Dannemora.

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