The Art of Conversation

We make a real effort to sit down for dinner on as many nights as possible, even when people are rushing off to the fire house, dog training, piano lessons, Boy Scouts, and the million other things that get scheduled on weekday evenings.

You’d be surprised by the delicious and healthy meals that we manage to get on the table —but what you’d really love is the witty repartee. Imagine sitting at dinner between Dorothy Parker and Noël Coward —or since this is 2009, maybe John Stewart and Maureen Dowd. Here’s an example of what you miss:

zack: I’m auditioning for the school play
rob: Really! What show?
zack: Pocahontas.
rob: Ah, Pocahontas! Well, I know a way you can land a part as an Indian.
zack: How?
rob: Exactly! You’ve got it!

Hahahahaha. I crack me up.

4 thoughts on “The Art of Conversation

  1. It is sad when your kids jokes are more mature than yours.My fave is still

    Q: When does a policeman smell ?
    A: When he’s on duty !

    I am my own best audience..

  2. Gosh, those are some gems. “Boy you look tired”, “I do?”, “yeah, you’ve been running around in my dreams all night”…….badumbum!

    “Can I have your number, I lost mine”

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