The Friday File

The Pope I don’t get why the Pope’s going to Yankee Stadium. I always thought he was a Cardinal fan. Har har har.

Turf and Dirt Our horse Madeo worked at five furlongs this week. We’re keeping an eye out for a start so you can get down to OTB and put your money where my mouth is. Based his two outings, expect short odds.

Naming Rights Go help Stewart’s name their latest batch of new ice cream flavors. I suggested Client-9 for the “lemon flavored light ice cream with a whipped cream swirl.” I figure that when life gives you lemons, make lemon ice cream. As for the whipped cream…

On Language The only place where people mull any more is in newspaper headlines.

5 thoughts on “The Friday File

  1. I offer up “Sybil” for the identity-crisis-ridden choice that has Almond, Cinnamon AND Raspberry….

  2. Ha! Good one, Rob.

    How about “Redundant” for the Mango ice cream with a mango swirl…
    or perhaps “Mangotini” in keeping with the whole overdone martini craze.

    I sincerely hope they do not name the lemon & cream one “Lemon Swirl”… (don’t look it up … you dont’ want to know….) so much for Stewart’s wholesome image!

    For the Almond/Cinn Cake Crunch/Raspberry … “Nutty Fruitcake”

  3. I definitely think Stewart’s could diversify their market share with dark, edgy ice cream names. That’s the sort of strategic marketing that got me where I am today.

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