The Graduate

Over on the parenting blog this week they’re talking about kids getting tattoos, this after 16-year-old teen heartthrob Justin Beiber got himself inked. Since I spent about an hour explaining to my own teenager this week why I wouldn’t let him get one, this was an interesting discussion.

One of the first things my son Alex did when he escaped our clutches was to get himself inked up. He soon followed up his debut tattoo with a second one, this magnificent work of art seen on the left.  Those things don’t come off.

This weekend he graduates from college. If you’re blown away by the idea of having kids  — and you don’t feel like much more than a kid yourself — try having a kid who’s an adult.

This is one of my favorite pictures, my son (second from right) and his friends as they get ready to graduate high school four years ago. CBA class of 2006. Maybe you read about them in the newspaper. Don’t they look like they think they’re all grown up?

I don’t have much advice for people graduating college. When I was 22, I was already working full time and haven’t stopped since. I guess I would just tell them there’s no hurry, you’ll have plenty of time for all this stuff later.

5 thoughts on “The Graduate

  1. Congratulations Rob!

    My first graduated college 2 year ago. Even now, it’s amazing to me the grown-up things he does (most of which is beyond me) and also the young kid things he still does. An interesting mix of the responsible and not so much.The good thing is, he’s not so unwise as either to commit the latter to permanent image, or to run for public office before shifting the balance more completely towards the responsible.

  2. Thanks, BL!


    1. Unknown, other than the Old Testament connection.
    2. No, but I suppose there could be a third one I haven’t seen…

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