The Handsome Men’s Club

The best thing on Oscar night was after the show. If you haven’t already watched Jimmy Kimmel’s “Handsome Men’s Club” sketch, take my word for it, this is worth nine minutes of your time.

Totally safe for work — if you consider watching a nine minute video at your desk a safe thing to do at work:

It’s an amazing piece that took weeks — and some deft editing — to pull off.

It’s increasingly clear that Jimmy Kimmel Live is the best thing on late night TV — especially now that Conan is gone.  Had Jay Leno been able to do anything even half as good as this maybe his 10pm show wouldn’t have been a disaster. His people should go over there for some funny lessons.

Maybe they should let Jimmy Kimmel host the Academy Awards next year. After all, he is f**king Ben Affleck.

6 thoughts on “The Handsome Men’s Club

  1. Between this and his live roasting of Leno on his own show (for which Leno had no response since, you know, he’s not a real comedian anymore), I’ve turned a corner on Kimmel.

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