The King of Comedy

The master of horror is not the master of humor. This was clear after Stephen King got into hot water for taking a shot at Utica.

I too was outraged, but not because he poked fun at one of our Upstate treasures, but because he botched the joke.

the Speakership is like that old joke: First prize is a week in Utica. Second prize is TWO weeks in Utica.
— Stephen King (@StephenKing) January 6, 2023

It would be funnier to say that in the race for speaker, the prize for second place is one week in Utica — and the prize for first place is two weeks in Utica. Structuring the joke that way is to say that winning the speakership is not a prize, but a burden, and that one would fare better by losing.

While engaging and suspenseful, nobody reads Stephen King books for the jokes — but who am I to criticize this amazing author who’s brought me many hours of enjoyment?

As for you, Utica: lighten up. There’s nothing more tedious than people getting butthurt when somebody pokes fun at their hometown. It would be much more Utica to tell Stephen King to stick it up his ass. That’s what Buffalo would do.

2 thoughts on “The King of Comedy

  1. I’m told that back in the day expressions like being sent to Utica or packing for Utica were references about going to the (real name here) New York State Lunatic Asylum at Utica. Basically an off to the loony bin kind of comment. I don’t know if there was any follow up, but maybe that’s what he was going for.

    Personally, I enjoy Utica and I am disappointed when passing through without time to stop.

    1. That’s fascinating, and it’s certainly possible that this is what Mr. King intended. If that’s the case, he’s only guilty of using an obscure reference that most people wouldn’t get. He might instead of said “Bellevue,” which is more universally understood as a place for psychiatric care. No, I think he was trying to name a city thought to be bleak and unappealing. Utica.

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